Collage de imágenes con formado por elementos abstractos geométricos y retratos fotográficos de una niña con un libro en la cabeza
Una mujer joven sonriendo mirando a cámara con unos auriculares

Improve your English without leaving home

Enjoy online English classes for different levels and prepare for your Cambridge exams.

Elemento abstracto geométrico
Collage de imágenes con formado por elementos abstractos geométricos y retratos fotográficos de personas
Un adolescente sonriendo mirando a cámara
Collage de imágenes con formado por elementos abstractos geométricos y un retrato fotográfico de una adolescente sonriendo

The new way of learning

More fun

"Raquel is the English teacher of reference in our house. She adapts the subject to the level and age of the student, developing very dynamic classes. My two children have attended her classes since elementary school until obtaining the C1 (one in process), acquiring a great level, but above all enjoying her classes.

Since 2020 and the arrival of Covid, the classes are taught in a virtual classroom and I can say that they have not noticed any difference, in fact, they find them even more comfortable and productive. Raquel's communication with parents is frankly good, every month she provides us with a summary of what has been worked on and expectations."

«One of the things I most value is having a pleasant conversation, whether with a family, friend, or a work colleague; these calm conversations about diverse and interesting topics make my mind open to new concepts or points of view.

In my classes with Raquel, I found a smart dialogue person where conversations could extend indefinitely. Great conversationalist, she can discuss any topic and she always makes it enjoyable and entertaining, linking one topic to another, the time goes by quickly and with the satisfaction of having enjoyed the time»


Throughout the last 6 years, pandemic in between, the trust we have built with her has been invaluable. From face-to-face to virtual classes, her accountability and dedication have been constant, making every educational experience with my two children now in high school unique. The motivation she instills in the children is amazing, even in the virtual environment.

Grateful to have such a committed and reliable teacher to guide our children in their English learning. 

 #ConfidenceEducational #DedicatedTeacher #ThankYouForInspiringLearning"

"I only have good words for Raquel, responsible, committed to her work and with a great pedagogical sensitivity. My daughter is delighted with her. In addition to teaching her, clarifying her doubts, giving her homework and monitoring her, she gives her a lot of security.

She is wonderful."

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